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October 05, 2003

Essay Blog

Posted by TMLutas

My thoughts don't always run in blog form. Actually, they rarely do. More often, I have an idea, and chew it over from several different angles for a time, refining and revising it until it's one of those gems that I know well, can defend from almost any angle and can use as a support in other discussions without having to worry much about it being successfully debunked.

Unfortunately, Flit doesn't currently offer me the ability to create such essays in the manner I like. So what to do, what to do...

I ended up creating a small space on my .mac account as sort of free reference library. I've got several works in progress there and will be adding more as the mood strikes me. Currently, the most complete one is on our upcoming "Red Queen" economy.

This should not affect my output on Flit except to improve it by creating more support documents and links to buttress my pieces here. As it's my space, I'll also probably put any truly controversial stuff there, rather than here, though I'll probably announce it here as well.

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