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September 17, 2003

Most Creative Recent Use of Bulletproof Vest

Posted by TMLutas

PeopleSoft's CEO Craig Conway showed up at his user conference sporting coordinated bulletproof vests one for him, one for his dog, a black labrador. Apparently the Oracle takeover saga has descended into twisted flights of fancy about shootings, though with Larry Ellison's reputation you never can tell.

The world of hip hop may have to make way for the new thugs on the block, tech CEO's.

Gay Marriage Update II

Posted by TMLutas

The Canadian Liberal Party is barely holding things together on gay rights. It looks like gay marriage will be an election year issue though in hindsight Prime Minister Chretien will probably be thankful that gay marriage legislation isn't going to be officially part of his legislative legacy.

Thanks to NRO's The Corner

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