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August 02, 2003

Wanted: How to defect from the Axis of Evil

Posted by TMLutas

the image of those poor Iraqi soldiers creeping across the border and trying to surrender pre-invasion, only to be sent back with a "it's not time for that yet" message from our side has stayed in the back of my head. How embarrassing for those Iraqis, dangerous to boot if their superiors caught them. But this is a problem of poor information flow and who can you blame for that? Certainly not the Iraqi military.

It seems to me that it would be useful to plan ahead and generate general guidelines for release at this time as well as specific guidelines for our most pressing problem, North Korea.

There would be multiple benefits to this.

1. It would be an inexpensive way for those of us outside NK to engage in pro-freedom solidarity
2. It would drive the NK elite batty
3. The instructions would get around, in surprising ways, and in surprising places.
4. The preparation of the guidelines would create an opportunity to explore why we need them on favorable intellectual terrain to pro-freedom advocates.

The down side would likely be an increase in North Korean threats and propaganda. But they've already turned the dial up to 11 so it's a real question if there even is a 12 level to crank their rhetoric to.

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